Wednesday, November 8, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! I just got an email that we get off 2 hours early tomorrow and then Friday is a holiday so that is nice.

I watched the kids yesterday for a while while Jess went grocery shopping. Rosie had a ton of snot so hopefully I'm not snotty soon lol.

After work I did some cleaning and ended up taking these over to the neighbors to put under their car port for the yard cats. I still have one cat tower and that is enough lol. These are TIRED too lol.

Cleaned out the fluff from the dog bed Simon destroyed in her pen, took out a box of toys to donate from the toy box and cleaned up the gaming stuff that was all over under the tv. It look so much better.

I finished the little bags I had been working on. I ended up going to bed early since I didn't want to start a new project around 9 pm. Now to decide if I want to keep working on the small pieces or do something else. I'll start by cleaning up the box I was throwing all the scraps in and sorting that out I guess. 

No plans for today other than work and such. Exciting ;)


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I wish for a day of nothing to do. I so thought once I retired I'd get one. Not happening yet. :-)

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