Thursday, November 16, 2023


Hello happy Thursday! 

This is how my morning started. Waiting for the darn computer to start up! I just had to restart it too since it was missing something.

Yesterday I took myself to work for my meeting. I wore a mask for most of it and sat at the far end of the table where they put me. Nice! I had a couple coughing sessions. At least they know I wasn't lying about being sick to miss the training lol. The training was totally worthless and I didn't learn a thing. Such a waste of time.  They had us bring our laptops and since I was sitting at the end I actually did some regular work while I was waiting for them to get the internet to work on their laptop so they could show us how to do things we already do. So dumb!

They were done around 2 and I just went to my desk to work for the last 2ish hours. After I went to the grocery store but the whole parking lot was packed so I said screw that and just went home. Later I went and got us Chinese food for dinner. I was hoping to have leftovers but there were none.

Today I have to go get my linc pass credentials updated in Livermore. That will take 5 times longer to get to than to do the actual update but that's ok it will be nice to get out and go for a ride. Tonight I have darts. I will have to make sure and take some cough syrup before I go. Trevor found some up in the cabinet and I took some when I got home yesterday and it helped a bit.  He has a Dr appt today since his ear was hurting. Hoping I can kick this without going in. Planning on hitting the grocery store today too. I need to get stuff for Thanksgiving and you know, dinner. I need to work on a menu some more too.

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