Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saturday Party and Sunset

Saturday morning I got up and started cleaning. We had a graduation party to go to for my friend's son at 3:00 and I knew once I got home from that I wasn't going to be wanting to clean. Scott cleaned the living room while I cleaned the kitchen and did a bunch of laundry.

We went to the party at about four and stayed until around eight. This is the only picture I took. Pretty much shows what was going on there eh? There was food too :wink:

After we got home my friend Traci sent me a text to come hang out on the dock and watch the sunset. I went over and saw my Mom's car at her little cabin so called her and told her to come hang out too. Then a few more people came so I called Scott and told HIM to come too. 

We ended up with a bunch of people hanging out. Trevor and my nephew rode their bikes over and Trevor ended up going out in the canoe with Traci's husband Tom. They had a battery operated lantern in the canoe so all you could see was the light going around the lake. I think he really enjoyed it. 

My Mom and Step Dad

Traci & Bev

Traci got this cool umbrella for her birthday. It has little solar lights that you can turn on and off with a switch. It lit up under the umbrella just perfect for hanging out.

Nights like that are fantastic! I'm so looking forward to a summer and "hanging out" with friends. 

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