Thursday, July 10, 2008

ahhhh Retail Therapy

Nothing makes a girl feel good like retail therapy. This morning I was feeling rather stressed out and the thought of a day of listening to the kids fight over the one square inch of the huge sectional just didn't sound like something I could deal with! Jessica was using up her last day of being able to miss summer school today to go meet a friend (and later I learned a BOY) at the mall so we didn't have to get up super early. The plan was to go to the mall around 12.

I had Trevor call Grandma and ask if him and Melissa could come over for awhile and they said ok. So we dropped them off and then I took Jessica to the mall. Gave her $20 cash back from a pack of gum and the loose cash in my wallet and she was off (yeah I know what mom is good for: ride and cash).

I did a little browsing in Target. They had scrapbook ribbon marked down to $2 something for like 4 rolls! Picked up 2 of those and 2 cute sandwich containers for when the kids go back to school. Looked at the camping stuff but they didn't have much and it was all sold out of the stuff I did want. (The Target in our mall is smaller than a regular Target).

Checked out Big 5, nothing good in there.

Went to JCPenny's and got some more tank tops since I seem to drop something on mine every time I wear them and then take 3 cycles to get the freaking stain out.

Next up was Barnes & Nobles. Got a couple books and then headed over to the food court for a nice relaxing lunch and reading. Ahhhhh

After lunch I went over to Wal Mart (which I hate but they really do have the cheapest camping supplies around here). I got a new 7 person 3 room tent for $40! Our old tent is cool but it's about 13 years old and starting to fall apart. This one comes in a smaller bag too which will be nice for storage and carrying.

Got a bunch of other things too including some mojitos that are in bottles. Think they are like Smirnoff or something. Too lazy to get up to look at the moment. I got 2 different flavors.

After WM went to the post office and by Goodwill, then went home to get Jessica's softball stuff and drop off the stuff I had bought. I had a few minutes all to myself (well the dog and cats were here so it was still quiet) before running back to town to get the kids and take Jess to softball practice.

Decided to just go to the grocery store and get the stuff we need to go camping this weekend and now we are home. I am feeling much better and about to break open the big bottle of margaritas I bought :O) Think we'll have pb&j for dinner, I don't want to cook!Pin It


Anonymous said...

Shopping = Torture

In my book anyways... it's Water Torture therapy for me!

matchbox20girl said...

Awesome find on the $40 tent!! When are you going camping? Come this & I can take the Shasta out and read & scrapbook. Sweet, quiet, kid-free bliss!

Chris H said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping too! In fact I wanted to go do some today, but it didn't happen, I fell asleep instead... bugger! Maybe tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend camping in that neat new cheap tent! What a bargin you got there!

Jennifer Owens said...

Sounds like an awesome day of shopping - I LOVE retail therapy!!! Next to overdosing on brownies, it's my favorite form of therapy. (o:

Have fun camping this weekend - and what an awesome find for your tent. I heard those cocktails in a bottle were pretty good - they sound perfect for a hot summer night!

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