Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandma's Pictures

Yesterday I got a big shoe box of pictures from my mom to scan. These are pictures that belonged to my Grandma. Maybe some day I'll tell you how we ended up with them. Let's just say it involved a doggie door..

I'll have to ask my mom the names of these dogs. There were ALWAYS dogs at Grandma's house. And not just one or two. Heaven forbid you ring the door bell at Grandma's house. The barking and howling will go on forever.

This is my mom and I at my Uncle's Wedding.

This is my mom and dad's wedding. I think it's either 1971 or 1972. They had me a couple years later and then seperated and eventually got divorced. My mom's dress is white velvet. I have it in my hope chest although I doubt anyone will ever wear it. Maybe some day we will remake it into something new. Also in the picture are my aunt, my mom's friend who has relatives down the street from me (isn't it a small world), her best friend (I'm still friends with her daughter), on the grooms side is my uncle who my dad isn't talking to anymore, and the twins, one of which is my previously mentioned friend's dad and her uncle who has passed away now. Not sure who is who.

My mom, January 1953

And a duck? I think I've heard the story of the duck before but can't remember it. All I know is that it was a pet for someone.

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Carin said...

Julie you have to fix the wedding picture I HAVE to see the white velvet wedding dress

Debra said...

I love looking back at old pictures....funny how a picture can bring back memories. Thanks for sharing.

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