Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mom Buck

We went to the store today. Just Costco but you know how kids are.

I want this!!
Can I have that??

And then there is the

"but I didn't get anything!"

Ugh it's enough to make me want to scream. We have been putting out a lot of money lately for Softball, Camps and that big G word, not to mention the dentist for Melissa.

So I think it's time we go back to doing "Mom Bucks". This was an idea I had awhile back and it worked great for about a month and a half. Then they petered out. It was great while it lasted! Not only did the kids make money, I had less stuff for ME to do!

This is how it works:

I made a big spreadsheet of chores and how many "bucks" they are each worth. Pretty much a "buck" is really worth a quarter.

It started off lower but it's easier to just round it up to a quarter. Each kid can do any chores they want on the spreadsheet. Each chore says how often it can be done IE: 1D, once per day, etc.

Originally we had "Dad bucks" too. And whoever did the most Mom Bucks for the month got a date with Mom and the same for the Dad ones. It made a nice little competition between the kids for who could do the most chores to win that date. If I remember right, Melissa got one with me and Jessica got one with Dad. Trevor wasn't even interested in money or parent's undivided attention at that time.

We'll see how long we can keep this going. Everyone "wants" so hopefully they will want to "earn".Pin It


Heather said...

This is a very good idea!!

-Bridget said...

Do you think a two year old and six month old is too young to start them on this system?

my2boyz said...

That is the BEST idea!! i am so going to do that!

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