Saturday, July 5, 2008


So my company is gone! We had a nice time visiting but I didn't take any pictures darn it! Should have pulled out the camera. They got here in record time so I didn't get my room all clean but I did get it vaccumed so won't take much to finish the rest.

While we were visting Trevor was being kind of quiet. I had a feeling he was doing something. He had gotten the roller that Jessica had used to paint her bedroom PURPLE and ran it up and down on the front of the house.

Lucky for him we had company! AND lucky for him Scott was able to get it off with laquer thinner.

Here is a picture of the color purple and a not so happy Scott after he scrubbed it off. LOL.

I find the whole thing kind of funny. Guess I have something wrong with me lol. Trevor was sent to his room where he promptly fell asleep on his bed.

Scott came in and called his mom and told her they were even for the time he colored on the inside of his closet when he was a kid!Pin It


Kitt said...

That is funny! And no harm done, since it came off. (Unlike the permanent marker I used to decorate the freshly painted basement walls with when I was a kid.)

Chris H said...

Every kids does something like that at least once in their life! Thanks for the map thingee...gawd that's a lot of country to cover... but I bet you girls will have a blast and see lots of interesting views. I am envious.

Connie said...

Thanks for stopping by last week. I am slowly visiting all my blogging friends. I look forward to reading more of everyone's stories in the weeks to come.

Dirty White boy said...

that room is deffinately purple. you do realize how hard its going to be to color it a light color when she decides she hates it, dont you?

Barb said...

Wow ~ That is really purple! I'd love to see the room when it's done. Only one of my kids was a "decorator" and it was with a permanent marker on EVERYTHING! They (markers) were outlawed in our house for years.

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