Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do you Wordle? And other random thoughts.

I just followed a link to the Wordle site. It's kind of cool. It makes a "word cloud" of words you use most on your blog. I'm thinking this is from my most recent posts lol. Notice the size of the word BEAR.

I actually slept in until 10:00 this morning. At that point Trevor was yelling at me



I told him to get his own milk but for some reason he always wants me to do that. Mommy is the milk maker, pour-er, server forever I guess. I keep thinking at some point he won't need me to get it for him. Probably at that point I will start bawling since my baby will be all grown up!

Jessica is going to camp tomorrow. She is going to be gone until next Saturday. You know what that means?? I might not have to go ANYWHERE. I'm not going to know what to do with myself. The car is going to feel neglected and my bank account might be $70 richer from not needing so much gas.

Scott is making breakfast. I know it's 11:00 but hey you can't start the weekend without a big breakfast. It makes me sad when he doesn't want to cook it and I have to resort to a bowl of sad looking cereal. He's making breakfast burritos. YUM YUM. And I wonder why I can't wear any of my shorts from last year.

Last night I applied for a job at Costco online. They are opening a new warehouse store close by and since my bank account is getting so small I thought I'd just try applying for part time (which let's face it, I'm sure they aren't hiring any part time people right now). It took an HOUR to fill out their online application. I guess it was thorough. It had a section where you had to answer questions like.

If a customer spit in your face what would you most likely do:

A.) Beat the crap out of them
B.) Squeal to the supervisor
C.) Get a coworker to help you beat the crap out of them
D.) Smile and walk away

Then you'd have to answer the question with what would you most likely NOT do with the same options. (That's an exaggerated question but you get the point). Some of them were really kind of hard to answer because really you don't know if they want you to answer it that you would do the compassionate thing or go straight to the supervisor. I personally don't think a supervisor would want to know if people were talking about him having an affair with another employee (an actual question). And let's face it, if everyone is standing around gossiping about whacked out customers you are going to join the party not go rat on them to the nearest supervisor! They are trick questions I think!! Yeah that's it!

Last night I took Trevor over to my brother's house to play with my nephew. Actually I was taking my nephew home and Trevor just went with him. When I pulled up I saw my brother and my cousin were sitting outside. When my brother is sitting outside at night that means free drinks so of course I had to get out and visit for awhile. 4 hours later and 2 drinks later (could have more but I was feeling fine!) Scott came looking for me lol.

I had a nice time visiting with my cousin and I have to say he's grown up a bit. We had a lot of conversations about how fucked up our family is that everyone hates my mom and how our whole family just basically fell apart after my Grandma died. Parts were sad but some of our reminiscing was fun. It's nice spending time with people that you have known your whole life and that also love the people that you love the most. He's got a physical and all that for a job next week and I really hope he gets it and is able to do well here. He was already thinking about moving back to Missouri because it's so hard for him to do well here.Pin It


Anonymous said...

That wordle thing is cool!

Carin said...

the wordle thing IS cool!
I think my favorites of those questions is "I never lie" you know that if you say you never lie your lying but who wants to put on a job application hey yeah I lie. LOL!

Brittany said...

Those Costco questions are hilarious. Whenever I think about box stores, I think about that movie Employee of the Month...funny despite Jessica Simpson being in it.

Dirty White boy said...

E. Jump on them like a little spider monkey and kick some serious ass.

Also, I really want to try this?

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